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Welcome to Sanchi Velvets, a Registered Brand of Sunshine Velvet Private Limited, India…

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About Us

Over the years, Sanchi Velvets which is a registered brand of Sunshine Velvet Private Limited, has earned the reputation of the most trusted brand when it comes to buying Woven Pile Fabrics. We believe that constant product innovation and improvement in terms of yarns, medium of process and designs is the main reason that Sanchi Velvets is recognized as a Torch Bearers in the velvet fabric industry.

Being a prominent manufacturer and supplier, we make sure to cope up with the changing market trends. A lot of innovative ideas, colours and styles are combined as per these trends. It is important for the companies to properly amalgamate the old thoughts with new techniques and here, our company is consistently evolving the designs of our products as per changing trends. 

Ethical operations and high quality products are the major reasons that we are able to sustain and grow in this competitive industry.

More About Us


An infrastructure of an enterprise is like the engine of a car. It is the main force that keeps the function of the car going. Similarly, our infrastructure facility is supporting our company to grow in the market. The infrastructure on which we rely is standing tall on a vast area of land. The facility is backed with necessary machinery set ups and advanced equipment, all of which support the production of a reliable fabric collection including Dyable Burnout Soft Velvet Fabrics, Soft Cotton Slub Velvet Fabrics, Rayon Velvet Fabric, Polyester Velvet Fabric, Garments Velvet Fabric, etc.

Velvet Care

When one purchases Velvet Fabrics, they must be offered the care instructions that it needs to maintain its texture. Only dry cleaning is recommended for the velvet fabrics, other ways of cleaning might hamper the feel and appearance of the fabric surface. Freshly manufactured velvet needs time to condition, it must be left unpacked in the normal environment in a hygienic place so that its pile can relax. This improves the feel of the velvet.